Barcelona destroys PSG, makes history

  • Barca 6 – 1 PSG

Spanish football giants Barcelona defeated Paris Saint German 6-1 in what has been described as one of the best performance in history with Barcelona having lost to a shameful 4-1 away disgraced PSG in the return leg at the Nou Camp.

After the game began it took just three minutes before Barcelona struck their first goal against the visitors with a stunner from Luiz Suarez.

Luis Suarez of Barcelona celebrates goal against visitors PSG. Champions league round of sixteen return match

Both Matuidi and Draxler were handed yellow cards for in the fifth and 14 minute of play possibly lowering the visitors agitation.

Central back Gerrard Pique and Sergio Busquets equally got yellow cards as the game heated up in the 23 and 36 minutes.

Shockingly an own-goal caused by L. Kurzawa in the 40 minute put Barcelona ahead thereby intensifying the already tensed PSG who were bent on maintaining a defensive plan.

Both sides left the field of play to resume with PSG down 2-0.

The second half resumed with a stunning performance from worlds best Lionel Messi who was awarded a penalty kick in the 50 minute that extended the home’s side lead to 3 – 0.

World best Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates goal against visitors PSG. Champions league round of sixteen return match

However, during the 62 minute Cavani outwitted the Barcelona defense and recorded a goal for the visitors in an attempt to suppress mounting pressures.

Neymar responded quickly to shoot the home side at upper end after  scoring his first double consecutively in the 88, and a 90 minute awarded penalty kick gave Barcelona outright best super against their visitors at 5-1.

German referee Deniz Aytekin gave both sides 5 minutes extra to ramp up the excitement and Barcelona intricately used it to their advantage to stun the world of its brilliant performance and mesmerizing entertaining football as Roberto scored the 6 goal of the evening that ended the game in superb awesomeness.

Spectators where thrilled, excited and entertained at the game ended Barcelona 6-1 PSG.

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  • Tue May 2, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    My buddy and I were enjoying a bit of the barley soda that evening and started rooting for Andy Kaufman. I di87#&d21n;t think we would make it out of the building alive.


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