Bus Driver kills 38 festive revelers in Haiti, fled says authorities

  • Driver intentionally crushed festival revelers;
  • The driver fled and is still at large, police say;
  • Dead bodies forced the bus to stop;

Pounds of flesh and at least 38 dead people littered the ground in northern Haiti after a bus rammed into a festive crowd injuring 13 more on Sunday as local authorities call it a “hit-and-run-incident”.

The bus belonging to Blue Sky Logistics transportation company was conveying travelers from the northern Haitian city of Cap Haitien to Port Au Prince – the nation’s capital. The driver saw streets clogged with people celebrating Rara, the popular festive period in Haiti that cuts across Mardi Gras to Easter Sunday.

People stand by the body of a man who died when a bus crashed into crowds at a festival in Gonaives, Haiti, early Sunday, March 12, 2017. Deulvens Jules/Haiti Press Image Via AP

The driver intentionally hit two pedestrians killing one instantly outside the city of Gonaives before making his way miles before plunging into a group of Rara band playing music in the middle of the road.

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Having crushed the first band of musicians, the unsatisfied driver struck another group of musicians the second time and yet a third band of musicians.

Eyewitnesses noted that people were still trapped under the luxurious bus at the time it finally stopped.

The bus was carrying people to Port Au Prince when it struck pedestrians.

“You could see bodies missing arms, bodies with stomachs out, and a trail of blood on the ground,” a man named Rigorov, who lives in the area, said.

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“You could hear people crying and calling for help, but I could not make a difference on who is alive and who is not.”

Angry survivors tried to set the bus on fire while passengers were still inside, police said, but officers intervened and prevented them from doing so.

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