Israel threatens to destroy Syrian air defenses

  • Syria destroyed one Israel fighter jet, another struck;
  • Syria’s claims are absolutely untrue says Israeli Defense minister;

The Minister of Defence of Israel Avigdor Liberman has issued a warning statement to Syria that Israel would destroy its aerial defense system if Syria fires again an anti-aircraft missile targeting any Israeli aircraft.

While speaking on Israel’s public radio Sunday morning the Defence Minister said: “The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our airplanes, we will destroy all of them without thinking twice.”

Minister of Defence of Israel Avigdor Liberman

The warning was pursuant to Syria’s firing anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli military jets midnight Friday.

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The Syrian military said the jets struck a military site near Palmyra, but Israel says they were warding off a weapons shipment to Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Although Syria allege their missile struck shutdown one Israeli jet and struck another, Israel has rebuffed the claims saying they were “absolutely untrue”.

A Military fighter Jet

“Our central problem, and this above and beyond all of the other issues, is the transfer of advanced weapons from Syria to Lebanon,” Liberman said.

“Every time we identify a transfer like this, we will work to prevent the transfer of game-changing weapons. On this issue there will not be any compromise.”




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