Obama irked and exasperated in response to Trump’s wiretapping claims, sources say

  • Obama and his aides responded with disbelief
  • Obama’s loyal army of supporters have been far more active in voicing dissatisfaction
  • Obama and Michelle were on private exhibition when Trump’s allegations surface Saturday

The immediate-past president of the United States, President Barack Obama was annoyed and irritated when responding to Donald Trump’s unsupported wiretapping accusation, sources close to Obama said Wednesday, though the sources disclosed that Obama’s response was not one of outright fury.

President Obama irked by Trumps wiretapping claims

While responding to President Trump’s allegations Obama and his aides frowned at Trump’s Saturday morning tweets as Trump accused the his predecessor. A spokesman for Obama later on said “neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

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Supporters loyal to Obama have been actively expressing their dissatisfaction with Trump as seen on social media and television where ex-aides have been continuously voicing rejection of Trump in the first weeks of his presidency.

Surprisingly Presidents Obama and Trump have not spoken after Trumps Inauguration Day, when Obama welcomed Trump for coffee in the White House and accompanied him to the US Capitol for the swearing-in ceremony.

President Trump has described his relationship with Obama as “warm” days prior Trump’s inauguration, pushed by an ‘in-person’ meeting in the Oval Office and several phone conversations.

However, individuals close to both Presidents noted that the mistrust that trailed the presidential campaign, and Trump’s outright antagonism against Obama regarding his birth certificate make severe chances of close relationship.

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While President Trump set twitter pandemonium over his allegations on his predecessor, Obama and Michelle Obama were at the National Gallery of Art in Washington on a private tour of artist Theaster Gates’ recent exhibition.

Obama and Michelle’s outing was a soft and lovely one as smiles rained their faces when he left the museum casually dressed and carrying a bag from the gallery’s gift shop.

When asked whether Trump’s claims would sever the both Obama and Trump’s relationship, White House press secretary Sean Spicer watered whatever tensions have risen.

Spicer said “I think that they’ll be just fine.”



Source: www.stingged.com/DCMA/CNN

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