State of Emergency in New York, Virginia, New Jersey, 2 dead as blizzard strikes

  • New York deploys 2,000 national guards;
  • Over 7,000 flights cancelled;
  • German Chancellor reschedule planned visit;
  • Two reportedly dead in Philadelphia;

A state of emergency has been declared in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia as winter Storm Stella strikes Northeast United States.

The state Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, deployed 2,000 national guards on standby to curtail severe circumstances.

Some 7,000 flights have been cancelled across states the US with other on the verge of cancellation, while thousands of stores are on lockdown.

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The blizzard has equally forced a meeting slated Tuesday between German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and Donald Trump to be rescheduled on Friday.

Elsewhere, it was reported that two persons have died attempting to clear snow in Philadelphia which car crash has been recorded across major affected states in the US where the blizzard is present.

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A potential 4 inches snow is expected by late Monday or just after midnight Tuesday. Also, some 10 to 14 inches more of whitish stuff could pile up for throughout the day coupled with winds blowing at about 30 mph and wind gusts of almost 50 mph.

Some 50 million people got the blizzard or winter storm warnings on Sunday as the Northeast preps for the winters. New York residents have begun stockpiling groceries, salt and emergency supplies as they prepare for snowy days probably locked-down.

‘I encourage all New Yorkers in affected regions to plan ahead, and avoid any unnecessary travel as the storm progresses,’ Cuomo said in a statement, adding that commuters should expect road closures, delays and cancellations.

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