Trump to save Obamacare or decide 20M people to remain uninsured

  • Bad things are going to happen to Obamacare, Trump says;
  • There’s not much you can do about it. It’s not sustainable, said Trump;
  • There’s still a lot that can be done for market stability said Kristine;
  • Insurers carriers want clear government plans unveiled

President Donald Trump has repeated that Obamacare was on the verge of collapse few minutes after House Republicans abandoned its America Health Care Acts, the purported plan to save the nation’s health care.

“Bad things are going to happen to Obamacare,” said Trump, calling out the large premium increases and insurer defections that plagued the exchanges this year. “There’s not much you can do about it. It’s not sustainable.”

Although president Trump blamed Democrats for not giving a single vote to pass the Republic bill on the House floor and trying to shift responsibility to Democrats; it is his administration that will largely make the decision on whether 20 million people who gained coverage under the 2010 health reform law will stay uninsured.

Though it is uncertain that Obamacare is debacle, there are no doubts that the program is experiencing peril. Insurers are taking more sicker and expensive customers than anticipated, forcing them to increase rates and abandon certain markets.

Still, carriers of the plan say it’s up to the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers to hint whether they will be involved next year. Past months have seen insurers urged officials to unveil plans they said will enable them hedge exchanges.

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“If Republicans want to stabilize the market, they have the tools to do so,” Dr. Mario Molina, chief executive of Molina Healthcare (MOH), which has just under 1 million exchange enrollees in nine states, told CNNMoney. “If they don’t act, they can’t say Obamacare exploded. They made the decisions that led to people losing their coverage. They can’t shift the blame anymore.”

Dissatisfied health insurers must decide in the coming weeks whether they will partake on exchanges in 2018. At the moment, Humana, HUM, has made its non-participation known, while, Molina said his decision will be reached in May.

The priorities of carriers is to have Congress fund the cost-sharing subsidies that slashes the deductibles for millions of low-income enrollee. But lawmakers are yet to decide until April.

Insurers are clamor for the Department of Health and Human Services to drop special enrollment periods that prevents people from signups when they fall sick. They also want the agency to go ahead with the Obama administration’s efforts to boost the risk programs that protect them from expensive policyholders.

Kristine Grow said: “There’s still a lot that can be done for market stability,” a spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, a main trade association for insurers.

The Trump administration through its officials are on active plans to stabilize the market which they must do in order to fulfill their promise not to see millions lose health insurance coverage which led to the Republican push for the American Health Care Act that got shelved by the House.

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The HHS is currently enforcing plans shrink enrollment span and ensure enrollees pay any outstanding premiums before sign up. Insurers are also extended more liberty in how much their policies must encompass in the individual market by the agency. This proposal though still in consideration will offset several industry hiccups when finalized.

The US Health Secretary Tom Price has said he is willing to give states more flexibility in how they administer their exchanges and their Medicaid programs.

When asked to respond on steps the agency’s taking next, an HHS spokeswoman referred to recently-created website titled “Providing Relief Right Now for Patients.” The Websites enlists measures HHS is enforcing to tackle Obamacare – which is originally intended to be one of a three-prong effort to overturn the law.

“Within what the law allows, HHS is taking action to stabilize the individual and small group insurance markets (the markets most affected by the ACA) so that they work better for everyone,” the site reads.

Nonetheless, a few of the administrations measures – and ultimately the Republicans’ rhetoric – have reduced Obamacare to debacle. First was the ousting of Obamacare ads in the last days of January while enrollment was still open. The ads were strong approach to prompt people to sign up before deadline.

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With the situation as it is, enforcing the individual mandate is what the law says since the GOP repeal bill failed. This is a stronghold of keeping younger, healthier consumers in the market. More so, the Internal Revenue Service has slightly relapsed in oversite, pointing at Trump’s executive order to lift Obamacare’s financial burdens on US citizens.

It is now up to Trump whether to step back more on its mandate.

“It’s a decision that can be traced directly to the White House,” said Molina, whose company is one of the few to have prospered in the exchanges.





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