Trump warns GOP of electoral ‘bloodbath’ if Obamacare repeal fails

  • Trump predicts dire consequences if House doesn’t pass Obamacare repeal
  • “This will be a plan where you can choose your doctor,” Trump said
  • The plan includes tax incentives

US President Donald Trump has sent strong warning to House Republicans on Tuesday if they failed to pass health care bill it could be a “bloodbath” in the 2018 midterm election.

President Trump is bent on fully ensuring that his effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act during a meeting with House GOP leaders noting that he is “proud” to support a Republican-led initiative to replace Obamacare saying to members he is ready to support the bill absolutely.

President Donald Trump, United States of America

According to a source, the President warned lawmakers of high-stakes his efforts are connecting a potential electoral “bloodbath,” one member present at the meeting noted.

“He said he hopes members understand that,” the source said.

Although there were initial opposition from some conservative groups and members of Congress, there seem to be optimism among the House top-members tasked with passing the bill.

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During a brief remarks recorded by press pool Trump said: “I’m proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives and encouraged by members of both parties.”

Republicans reveal bill to repeal and replace Obamacare

On Monday, Republicans revealing of their first legislation began which would remove the individual mandate to get health insurance contained in Obamacare and put tax measures to encourage Americans to purchase coverage.

The GOP lawmakers informed Trump of touch challenges ahead exempt of minute Democratic support with no knowledge of conservatives position. Nevertheless the House GOP vote-counters told Trump how they planned forge ahead with a whip count during the week.

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“We don’t have it today, but I think we’ll get it,” a source in the room told CNN.

At the end of about 30-minute meeting with members in the East Room of the White House, Spokeswoman Lindsay Walters refused commenting saying: “I cannot comment on the discussions in closed door meetings,” when asked on Trump’s remarks regarding what happens in Trumps team if it fails to pass a replacement plan.

Only till Tuesday after did Trump fully weigh in on the Republican plan, though he earlier tweeted support for the bill with a hint of possible changes in the long run.

“Our wonderful new Healthcare Bill is now out for review and negotiation,” he wrote Tuesday morning.

Those present at the East Room said Trump is bent on getting good results and working together to achieve that purpose even though the President tasked no member or group.

“We cannot toss this out and start all over. We are too far down the road for that,” the source said.

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The White House’s strategy is seems to consistently remind members that not supporting the House’s bill means voting against their President, thereby handing power to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Sources said US Vice President Mike Pence also joined the meeting and was optimistic about the legislation’s prospect in the Senate.

Even though Trump said he was committed to the bill, he noted he was open to make changes. Those present during the meeting, however, said the possible changes would have to win broad support and be passed through the amendment process, with major difficulties ahead to amend the shapes of the legislation in any way.

“This is a guy who knows how to close a deal, and he thinks we are at the point were we need to close,” the source said.

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Trump took to Twitter Tuesday evening to reach out to one of the bill’s most vocal conservative opponents.

“I feel sure that my friend @RandPaul will come along with the new and great health care program because he knows Obamacare is a disaster!” Trump tweeted, just as an interview with Sen. Rand Paul was about to air on CNN’s Erin Burnett “OutFront.”



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