White House Secret Service employees in trouble over security breach

  • Six Secret Service and Special Agents to face disciplinary actions;
  • Sanctions to be expected in two weeks;
  • Three security breach experienced in White House in March alone;

The US Secret Service have ducked six employees to face disciplinary actions over the March 10 security breach where a man gained access to White House grounds a source privy to the information hinted Thursday.

The man was able to jump multiple fences that evening and was on the White House premises for over 16 minutes before he was arrested just below President Donald Trump’s bedroom windows, 15 days ago, even as Trump was in the White House during that moment.

The White House of the United States

The source who is knowledgeable about the matter noted that the employees facing discipline include officers from the uniformed division and special agents as they were on duty and none on administrative leave.

While speaking on condition of anonymity the source said the Secret Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility is expected to render specific discipline to the officers distinctively in two weeks. Upon receipt of the recommended disciplinary actions against the officers, the agency’s Office of Integrity is to approve and/or give its take on the recommendation.

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Earlier, the Secret Service noted that there were “lapses in security protocols” that made it possible for the incident but noted that prompt measures had been enforced to rectify those lapses. The measures taken included deployment of additional officers at posts, enhanced technology and prompt response team.

The agency’s statement last week, read: “The men and women of the Secret Service are extremely disappointed and angry in how the events of March 10 transpired.”

President Donald Trump of the United States

Jonathan Tran, 26, was the suspected who breached security operatives and made his way into the premises with two cans of mace and a letter for the President.

After he agreed to wear a GPS tracking device to monitor his movement we was released. Jonathan was allowed to return to California but is to stay within 100 miles of his home in San Jose, to remain in the US and to stay away from the White House.

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Recently, a few White House security matters had occurred apart from that of the Jonathan Tran who jumped a fence. Last weekend, a man drove a black car similar to an SUV to the White House and told securities he had a bomb in the car; while another man jumped past a bicycle rack in front of the White House.


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