Winter Storm Stella blasts 50 million in US Northeast, New York worst hit

  • Winter Storm Stella to hit US Northeast with possible blizzard conditions on Monday;
  • US East Coast from New York City to Boston placed on blizzard watch;
  • Storm watch in effect across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England;
  • Some 50 million under storm or blizzard watches since Sunday evening;
  • Blizzard might trigger biggest snowstorm up to 24 inches in New York City;
  • Flight cancellations expected at JFK, Newark Liberty, La Guardia and Logan Int’l airports; 

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch Sunday for coastal areas including New York City, and regions of Long Island, Westchester County and Connecticut as a storm watch was already in effect for the Northeast regions of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England.

Winter Storm Stella snowy setup early week. Google

Meteorologist have warned of potential 12 to 18 inches of snow and wind blast in some regions from Monday night to Wednesday as the US East Coast from New York City to Boston has been put on blizzard watch.

Winter Storm Stella is expected to sweep the New York region starting Monday with possible blizzard conditions. About 50 million people found themselves under blizzard or winter storm warnings on Sunday across the Northeast.

Pursuant to the warning, New York City has issued up to two feet snow alert for Monday night as it makes ready fleets of snow plows.

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According to the warning, a potential 4 inches snow is expected by late Monday or just after midnight Tuesday. Also, some 10 to 14 inches more of whitish stuff could pile up for throughout the day coupled with winds blowing at about 30 mph and wind gusts of almost 50 mph.

Up to two feet of snow could fall in the New York area. New York City issued a snow alert on Monday night preparing its plows.

The state Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has announced preparations to tackle the heavy snow unleashing the Emergency Operations Center as of Monday night while directing state agencies to be on high alert.

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‘This would certainly be the biggest snowstorm of the 2017 winter season in New York City,’ said Faye Barthold, a weather service meteorologist based on Long Island.

What to Expect When The Winter Storm Hits. Dailymail

Some 50 million people got the blizzard or winter storm warnings on Sunday as the Northeast preps for the winters. New York residents have begun stockpiling groceries, salt and emergency supplies as they prepare for snowy days probably locked-down.

A pedestrian shares the road with motorists as he walks along State Road in North Adams, Mass., during a winter storm which brought blizzard conditions. Google

‘I encourage all New Yorkers in affected regions to plan ahead, and avoid any unnecessary travel as the storm progresses,’ Cuomo said in a statement, adding that commuters should expect road closures, delays and cancellations.

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The storm might cause the season’s biggest snowstorm dumping some 24 inches across parts of New Jersey and New York.





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