Arizona Cardinals craft game plan for London trip even without date scheduled

The Arizona Cardinals are waiting to hear the NFL’s decision for them to play the Los Angeles -Rams in London – either Oct. 22 or 29; even as they the Cardinals have already drawn the formation for their encounter before they make the trip.

The Cardinals are expected to travel for Phoenix on the Monday before the game, coach Bruce Arians said at the NFL owners meetings last week. Also, Arians said president of the Cardinals Michael Bidwill travelled from Arizona to London enough times to convince him it’s trip the players can make.

Arizona Cardinals craft game plan for London trip even without date scheduled

According to Bruce his experience as staff will be employed when the Kansas City Chiefs clash in West Berlin, German, in 1990 to set the Cardinals’ schedule in London.  Arians noted that when the Cardinals arrive London, they’ll go through what he called a “glorified walk-through practice” to break a sweat. Thereafter, the team will get adjusted to the eight-hour time difference before commencing regular game-week preparations.

The Cardinals will be the visiting team when they face the Rams at Twickenham Stadium. The NFL has yet to release the date of the game. The NFL schedule is expected to be released in late April.

Arians said the Cardinals will have to be aware of how the travel affects the players on the back end of the trip.

“The jet lag is a b—- when you get back,” Arians said. “I can’t imagine, even on the East Coast, even though it’s a five-hour flight. It’s probably not as bad as going from Miami to Seattle and playing the next week. It’s kind of like that. That’s really hard on your guys.

“You have to be aware of how tired they are. Now, the sports science monitors we have now, we can tell a lot about their bodies, their sleep patterns and how they practice that week, whereas, in the past, you just went with your schedule and did what you did. There’s so much more availability of information if you’re willing to use it.”



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