Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Fight will not stop-Garba

– FG says its anti-corruption fight will not stop;
– Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu said the president was voted in by Nigerians to fight corruption;
– Garba says the corruption fight has not been easy

Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu has said the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration is committed to its anti-corruption fight and assured Nigerians that the fight will not stop.

“Let me say one thing. Those whose illicit ways of accumulating money have been stopped will criticize this government but all that will not derail the unfaltering commitment of the President, Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to the war against corruption,” Garba said.

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He argued that the President declared rooting out corruption as one of the cardinal policies of his election campaign.
“He is aware that this was one of the main reasons why Nigerians in their millions put their trust in him; the main reason they voted him into power in 2015.

“To keep that trust of ordinary Nigerians who voted him into the office, he has vowed to give corruption a good fight. He will not let them down.”

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Garba admitted that so far, the battle to uproot corruption from Nigeria has not been easy. “Corruption has been fighting back vehemently, finding accomplices in various forms and guises. Nevertheless, the Buhari administration will not relent.”

He said in the program that the days when corruption reigned indiscriminately in Nigeria are over. “Nothing will return our country to those sad, old days of wanton thievery that have plunged us into the economic mess from which Nigeria is currently recovering. The war against corruption in Nigeria is one of those clashes between good and evil, where good is determined to triumph.”

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