GE CEO disagrees with Trump: ‘We’re cowards if we don’t take position’

  • We’re cowards if we don’t take position on consistent mission;
  • Disagrees with Trump over travel ban, Mexico border wall;

The Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, Jeff Immelt had said though he tried to stay out of politics – he found it significant to express his concern against some of President Trump’s policies noting that ‘We’re cowards if we don’t take position’.

GE CEO disagrees with Trump: 'We're cowards if we don't take position'
Immelt on his memos disagreeing with Trump

“I think we’re cowards if we don’t take a position occasionally on those things that are really consistent with what our mission is and where our people stand,” Immelt told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

The CEO explained that Trump’s travel ban, his stance on climate change and his decision to build a border wall with Mexico has made him speak the President’s recent policies.

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The company, General Electric, has banked $300 billion in revenue from its environmental initiative called Ecomagination since 12 years of inception. Immelt said he believes in working to help protect the environment, and hence he spoke against Trump’s change on environmental regulation.

Being a multi-national corporation, Immelt said the company had to stand against the travel ban policy of Mr. President.

“We have a lot of people that live in the Middle East. We have a lot of people that travel. It’s my duty to stand up for them,” he said.

GE CEO disagrees with Trump: 'We're cowards if we don't take position'
GE CEO on future of work in the age of robots

Even at that, Immelt, who is a member of Trump’s manufacturing council does not agree with everything the president does.

“In many ways I agree exactly with what Trump is doing,” he said. He pointed to the White House’s promise to pursue tax reform and infrastructure spending, as well as regulatory reform.

He also expressed optimism over the direction of the economy.

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“I still think the U.S. economy is on a steady economic growth pattern,” he said, adding that economies around the world are looking stronger as well.

However, he warned against reading too much into the spike of the US stock market in his words

“When you go to Wall Street, it’s ultimately going to be proven out in earnings of companies and cash flow more so than, you know, speculation of which law is going to get passed,” he said.




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