Stockholm Attack: Uzbek man arrested in truck attack in Stockholm

  • Bomb found in truck used in Stockholm attack
  • The suspect is 39 years old and from Uzbekistan, prosecutor says
  • Police chief: “We confirm that we have found a device in the truck that doesn’t belong there”
  • Suspect in Stockholm attack was from Uzberkistan and known to intelligence services Swedish security officials says

One Uzbek man arrested in truck attack in Stockholm over a truck crushing-death 4 persons and 15 injured is most likely the man wearing hood police official are looking for, Stingged has learned according to a Swedish authorities’ statement, in was has been termed ‘terrorist attack in Sweden’.

Police have also recovered undetonated explosives inside the hijacked truck which was driven at top speed zigzagging on the busy Queens Street shopping district before dashing into a department store.

Dan Eliasson noted that suspicions about the arrested man have strengthened during the course of the investigation, chief of the Swedish Police told reporters Saturday.

He said Police are investigating a “technical device” discovered in the vehicle used in the attack.

“We confirm that we have found a device in the truck that doesn’t belong there. We are now investigating its content,” Eliasson said.

The arrested man was a 39-year-old from Uzbekistan, prosecutor Hans Ihrman told the press.

Sweden’s capital Stockholm was attacked Friday killing four people and injured some 15 more. Ten people were injured – nine of which are adults and one child – still undergoing treatment in three separate hospital in the city, said Stockholm County Council on Saturday. The County’s Council also confirmed that four of the adults have severe injuries.

People lay flowers Saturday at the scene of a truck attack in central Stockholm.

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Earlier, Sweden’s public broadcaster SVT reported that a bag of undetonated explosives had been found inside the truck, which was stolen minutes before the attack as it made a delivery at a restaurant. The attacker apparently suffered burns caused by the explosives, which did not detonate properly, SVT said.

The individual has featured in previous intelligence reports from last year, Anders Thornberg, chief of the Security Service said. However, the security services were not able to confirm that intelligence, so he was not on their radar, he said.

Anders Thomberg, chief of Security Service said the individual has surfaced in previous intelligence reports from last year. But the security operatives were unable to confirm that intelligence, hence, the suspect was not on their radar he noted.

The Security Services is now aiming to prevent further attacks and investigate if there were other accomplices, Thornberg said.

Crown Princess of Sweden vising scene of #Stockholm attack

The prosecutor has until noon Tuesday to ask the courts to detain the suspect, said Karin Rosander, spokeswoman for Sweden’s prosecutor’s office.

Spokewoman for Sweden’s prosecutor’s office, Karin Rosander, said the prosecutor has until noon Tuesday to ask the courts to detain the suspect.

‘Queens Street’

Scores of people came to lay flowers Saturday morning at a spot on Klarabergsgaten, near the crash site. The mood was subdued, with people seeming to be in quiet reflection.

Queen Street as at Saturday morning remained cordoned off, though the truck had been removed over the night from the building it rammed into. Presence of heavily armed personnel guarded the area and several police vans were on ground in the area.

Swarm of people flocked to lay flowers Saturday morning at a spot on Klarabergsgaten, close to the crash site in what is termed a cold mood.

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel visited the scene mid-morning. Princess Victoria was dressed in black and clearly moved to tears even as she barely spoke while seeing the site. “I feel an enormous sorrow and emptiness,” she told reporters.

Also, Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin and Education Minister Gustaf Fridolin also left flowers at the scene as they paid tribute to the victims of the attack.

“This is unfortunately something we are seeing in many countries in the world, but we have to stand up for our open society,” Lovin told reporters.

“I feel great pain for those family members who have received the worst message possible. This is my city, and it feels unreal that this has happened,” she said. “We must do everything in our power to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

‘Suspect at large’

Police launched a huge manhunt in the aftermath of the attack, releasing a picture of a “person of interest.” They later detained a man whose description matched the photo in Marsta, a town about 30 minutes’ drive north of Stockholm near the city’s main international airport.

A manhunt is on to arrest the prime suspect with police releasing a picture of a “person of interest.” Few hours later a man was description matched the photo in was detained in Masta, a nearby town some 30 minutes’ drive north of Stockholm in proximity to the city’s major international airport.

Swedish parliament and the Stockholm metro train station were placed in lockdown following the attack. The railway company said, all train services to and from Stockholm Central Station were stopped and people were evacuated.

Authorities also told reporters that border controls had been set up to monitor the identity of those leaving Sweden.

“We will always do everything we can to protect Sweden, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t happen again,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters.

“If this is a terrorist attack, terrorists … want us to not live our lives normally,” he said. “But that is what we are going to do. So terrorists can never defeat Sweden. Never.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf who was in Brazil announced he had cut short his state visit to return home immediately following news of the attack.

According to eyewitness, the attack happened about 3 p.m. local time. The beer truck was seen speeding along Drottninggatan before it into the department store. A statement from the company that owned the truck said the beer truck had been hijacked just after it made a delivery close-by.

Eyewitness Veronica Durango said the driver “put his foot on the gas and ran through the crowd.” “He came from Olof Palmes Street and drove down to Drottninggatan,” Durango told CNN in a phone interview.

“It was like he was driving through paper. It’s like it was nothing. I can’t even believe how a person could do such a thing. And then he just kept on going. I was in shock.”


‘Witness speaks’

Narrow escape for Afghan who lost family members  to terrorist attack three years ago

Faisal Khan, who is now a Swedish citizen, was just across the road when the terrorist struck.

“I was standing just across the road,” he told The Local.

“When he hit the traffic light it made a loud noise that made people take notice and get out of the way.

“When he hit the traffic light it made a loud noise that made people take notice and get out of the way.”

Mr Khan lost his brother, sister-in-law, and their two children, added: “I felt the pain of people running in panic and crying about the same kind of thing I have lived through all my life.

“Suddenly something happens that changes everything. These poor families will never feel the same again.”

Witness describes hearing an ‘intense bang’

The Telegraph’s James Rothwell has spoken to David Lundberg, a 31-year-old photographer whose office overlooks Queens Street.

“It was so loud I said to my colleague that must have been a bomb. It was an intense bang. We heard screaming. I looked out the window and saw a man covered in blood lying on his stomach. And a boy and a child who people were running towards. Another body on the ground was just split in two. Then people were screaming and the police came.

“I went outside and walked past what I thought as some rubbish . Then I realised it was a severed hand and a leg . There was a medical kit in the office so We took that downstairs with my camera and  I took some photos. After that the police surrounded the area and i walked  I home because the stations were closed.”

Wall came towards shoppers ‘like an avalanche’  

One of the shoppers caught up in the Stockholm attack has given a graphic description of how the horror unfolded.

Christoffer Ung was shopping in the Åhléns department store when the stolen truck ploughed through the crowd of shoppers.

“I was on my way to the exit and just saw the wall coming towards us like an avalanche,” he told the TT news agency.

“People turned in panic and fled towards the exits. Then the main thing was to get away from the scene as quickly as possible. My first thought was that a bomb had exploded.”

“When I came out of the building I saw flames emerging from it.”

Swedish police say man arrested in connection with truck attack identified

Swedish police last night said the person arrested resembled the picture and description of a man that police went public with after the attack.

“We went public with information and a picture of a person that we were interested in. The person who is arrested resembles that description which means we have particular interest in him in regard to the ongoing investigation,” said Jan Evensson, regional police official  told a news conference.

Eyewitness heard screams, then all went quiet 

Annevi Petersson, who was in the fitting room of the department store at the time of the attack, has been talking about what she witnessed.

“I heard the noise, I heard the screams, I saw the people,” she told the BBC. “As I walked out, just outside the store there was a dead dog, the owner screaming. There was a lady lying with a severed foot.

“There was blood everywhere. There were bodies on the ground everywhere, and a sense of panic, people standing by their loved ones, but also people running away.

It got very quiet. There was the noise, then everything got quiet, and then people started screaming and crying, obviously people severely wounded, then people running away.”

Police are questioning two people

Swedish police have confirmed they are interviewing two people in relation to the truck attack.

“I can confirm that we have taken in two people for questioning, but that does not necessarily mean that they are suspects,” police spokesman Lars Bystrom said.

“We want to talk to everybody who knows anything about this and sometimes it’s better to talk at the police station than [the] place of [the] event.”





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