Panda Supreme’s Privates ‘Chew Up’ thong Bikini in Sex-tremely intimate selfies

Suffice to say, it was the model’s curves that came out on top.

The brunette took to Instagram in a printed thong bikini that looked to be buckling under the strain of her assets and sat on her bed for an impromptu selfie session.

To make matters worse for the two-piece, she pulled the straps from her top off, leaving it hanging onto her eye-popping chest for dear life.

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Meanwhile the bottoms were annihilated by her insane booty, resembling an overstretched elastic band by the time she was through with them.

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Panda wrapped her hair in a sarong and accessorised with diamond earrings, a pendant necklace and a silver bellybutton piercing.

She kept her makeup understated with only a lick of lip gloss and mascara.

“Good morning my loves,” one snap was captioned, while another read: “Chew it up, spit it out.”

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Surely that’s no way to treat a bikini?

Still, her 323,000 followers seemed sufficiently enthralled with the pics.

“Those curves are powerful as hell – my dream woman,” one gushed, while another simply quipped: “THE HIPS!”

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SELF LOVE: Panda says her body is a work of art

Panda later added: “No filter or Photoshop, just a queen embracing her brown skin. My body is art.”

Before rising to social media fame, the vixen worked as a barmaid and events planner.

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These days she hosts her own parties in nightclubs all over New York, alongside juggling countless professional photo shoots.


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