Protest Looms As Gombe NYSC Corp Members Accuse State Co. Over Unpaid Allowance

  • Gombe Corp members accuse State Coordinator Tobias Ibe of Gross Scandal over refusal to release May monthly allowance

Mixed reactions have trailed the non-payment of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member’s monthly allowance for the month of May 2017 in Gombe state with the Corp members planning to stage a peaceful protest against the State Coordinator Mr. Tobias Ibe Chidubem over his alleged involvement.

The angry Corp members who spoke on condition of anonymity allege that the State Coordinator is a typical Igbo business man who is doing business with the Corp members allowance, and trying to outwit them by delaying the release of their N19,800 May allowance in order to scoop whatever interest it yields in the bank.

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Stingged learned that the Corp members have not been paid their allowance for the month of May 2017 as at the time of filing this report, even as neighboring states have released the allowance for the same 2017 NYSC Batch ‘B’ Stream II Corp members.

The alleged protest comes after notable sources in the NYSC Camp and Corp member of the NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream I Orientation Course concluded on June 12, 2017 in the Amada Temporary Orientation Camp, Gombe state, confirmed that the newly admitted Corp members who just left camp where fully paid their first allowance for the month of May as is the custom of the Federal Government and the NYSC Management.

Protest Looms As Gombe NYSC Corp Members Accuse State Co. Over Unpaid Monthly Allowance
NYSC Corp Members

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Tempers has since flared amongst the Corp members over what is thought to be gross graft-scandal by the State Cordinator, Mr. Tobias Ibeh Chidubem.

The group of corps members who are planning to stage the peaceful protest told STINGGED ‘hell will be let loosed suppose at the end of the month of June their double allowance being that of May and June 2017 is not paid altogether.

They threatened to storm the NYSC Gombe State Secretariat drawing the attention of the National Newspapers and mobilize Television reporters to expose the acts of the State Coordinator, suppose Mr. Ibeh gives flimsy excuses over their omitted payment for the month of May.

The Gombe state Corp members express fear that suppose their double allowance is not paid, that would be the end of their May remuneration since they strongly believe the Federal Government must have released same to the account of the NYSC State’s account of which the Mr. Ibeh is privy, hence, they alleged that the State Coordinator is not void of the untold hardship they have experienced during the month of May.

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When asked if such protest was necessary a Corp member serving in Shongom Local Government Area, Gombe state, a graduate of political science from the University of Maiduguri, Mr. Kingsley Nwachukwu, (not real name) said if “Our suspicion is confirmed then it is utterly heartless of the State Coordinator to withhold our May allowance and subject us to severe hunger,” he said.

“You know how expensive life has suddenly become for Nigerians after the country plunged into recession, then someone will just want to use our allowance for his personal gain thereby forcing us into starvation – that is utter wickedness” he noted.

“Alright why hasn’t the Mr. Ibeh addressed us serving in his State if truly he knows nothing about our allawii (allowance),” said the political scientist.

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“Is it so difficult to send a communique to all Zonal inspectors to brief us about what’s going on? What is difficult for him to ask the Director-General about what the problem is and give us feedback,” he noted.

Stingged was unable to get through to the NYSC Gombe State Public Relations Officer and the Mr. Tobias Ibeh Chidubem as at the time of publishing.


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