How To Apply For NYSC Relocation and Redeployment

Every corps member is entitled for to redeployment/relocation form and can be granted same up form request which shall be shared a week before relocation.

However, redeployment is granted under the following conditions:

Marriage Grounds

This applies to laides who are married. However all required document must be provided before relocation request can be approved. The documents needed are:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Change of name in any National Newspaper

Letter from husband’s office as evidence that your husband resides in the state you want to relocate to.


Health Reasons

Due to the fact that corps members often take advantage health reasons to redeploy, the NYSC management has made it mandatory and compulsory that a medical certificate of fitness is tendered every corps member.

Suppose a corps member wishes to redepoloy from the state of initial deployment to another state, he/she needs to provide medical report suppose (if he is deploying based on health grounds).

A medical report from NYSC’s institution medical centre or a a recognized Government Hospital (General Hospital), Federal Medical Centres, Military/Police Hospital medical certificate of fitness or Medical Report must be tendered from those institutions and duly stamped and signed.


Security Reasons

Fear for safety of life in the state initially posted is tantamount to approval of a deployment form should a corps member indicate that in his form.

Due to some insurgent stricken states in northern Nigeria, corps members posted there who wish to redeploy can apply for relocation citing safety. Some of the states are Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, and Yobe.

Hence if a corps member wishes to relocate from such states after the orientation, he should indicate security reasons and fill that in his relocation form.


How to Apply for NYSC Relocation and Redeployment

There are two ways to apply for relocation one while on camp and the other after you must be been posted to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)


  1. Application for Redeployment During Camp

During your NYSC orientation camp exercise, corps member are given relocation forms in camp for anyone interested. You are expected to fill the forms and submit having stated your reasons for redeployment and states you wish to be redeployed.

  1. Application for Relocation Online, NYSC Portal

Corps members can apply online by visiting the NYSC Portal, ( Log in and click on Relocate and fill the application form online.

You will receive a text message notification when your application is successfully granted


How to Print NYSC Online Relocation & Redeployment Letter

  1. Login to the NYSC portal
  2. Locate “Manage Relocation” – You will make a payment of N1,000 to process your redeployment application. After payment print out your payment receipt
  3. Next, you will be redirected to a page where you can print out your new relocation letter


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