Revealed: NYSC 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation Date Unveiled

Prospective corps members for 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation course have been scooping online for the latest information with regards to the date camp will be opened for the NYSC 2017/2018 service year.

Firstly, it is important to note the NYSC Management has released an official statement with regards to the 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation course. Do well to read that information if you haven’t already.

Secondly, NYSC management have not released an official date for the 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation exercise.

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2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II

Nevertheless, Stingged has speculated the month which the NYSC Management will likely release the official statement of NYSC camp opening and orientation for 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II.

The predictions comes due to experiences of our team of journalists who are currently serving in various parts of Nigeria hence it is important you take note.

The 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream I Orientation Course began 23rd May 2017 – 12th June, 2017. Corps members are expected to visit their Local Government Secretariats for registration and to get a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Thereafter, corps members are given two weeks off to relax, bag-pack their luggage and report to their PPA at the expiration of two weeks.

At the conclusion of 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream I Orientation Course the school (temporary camp) will return to its usual school activities. It will take at least two to three weeks to clean up.

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When is NYSC Batch A Stream II 2017 Orientation?

So many have concluded that in about one month time (which is August) camp will be re-opened. In a nutshell, the NYSC 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation will resume in August 2017.

Although that prediction is circulating online. We doubt that its even too close.

My name is Mclife, a journalist serving in Gombe state, north-east Nigeria. Before I attended my orientation course in February 2017 for 2016 Batch ‘B’ Stream II, 2016 Batch ‘A’ Stream I attended their orientation course in October 2016.

That’s about four months before mine. Just as you are eagerly anxious about your date so I was searching online for the latest report and information. The truth is that the latest information will always be on NYSC official website.

It is possible that in August camp will resume, but I don’t believe that. My most apt prediction is in October 2017 that the NYSC 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation Course will take place.

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Why That Conclusion

In the history of NYSC, it is terribly untrue that camp has resumed just on month interval. The reason being that State Co-coordinators, Zonal Inspectors, Local Government Inspectors and other NYSC officials and DG all usually take their time to consider the past Orientation exercise, discuss problems of temporary orientation sites, allow students to use their school again for at least another term or make available relocations for the students using the schools for the temporary orientation exercise.

State coordinators make repairs of damaged beds and facilities in during the immediate-past temporary orientation exercise in that school and use enough time to plan ahead better for the next stream.

NYSC 2016 Batch ‘B’ Stream I & II

As earlier said, my friend Esther is currently serving in Taraba state. She attended her orientation course in October 2016 that is NYSC 2016 Batch ‘B’ Stream I Orientation Course.

However, I attended mine in February 2017, that is, NYSC 2016 Batch ‘B’ Stream II.

The timeline is some whooping four months. Think am lying just confirm it online. Infact let me state that we have not seen allawee for the month of June in Gombe, Adamawa, and Plateau as at the time of writing. Lols

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NYSC Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation Course Revealed

So if I may ask you? When will the month for the NYSC 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation Course be? What will be your answer – July, August, September or October?

Mine took four good months from the previous orientation exercise. I don’t wish you bad please. I don’t want you to think negative of me due to my honest analysis. This article is just based on experience nothing more.

According to my personal experience for camp resumptions in 2016 and 2017 we can confidently say affirmatively that the NYSC 2017 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Orientation Course will be in the month of October 2017.

Unless we I am wrong, then it going to be August or September by definitely not July.

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What you should do

Do not feel bad or dejected. The time span will allow you prepare for Orientation Course and have meaning activity by the time camp opens.

Start learning how to make good friends. Think of what you will learn during the SAED classes. Start preparing yourself financially for things you need to buy.

Start saving extra money to buy food at the “mini-market” (aka mami, or mami-market). If you are a guy like me that won Mr Mancho for my Platoon, start hitting the gym constantly.

For ladies please start preparing for beauty pageants and learn how to walk the run way. If you are funny and creative you might want to start learning how to crack great jokes that can make you thrill fellow corps members and win their hearts.

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Infact I want to conclude that camp things is all fun. I remain your fellow corps members Danie Mclife, kindly send me a friends request and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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