Aisha Buhari: Who Are The Weaker Animals, Hyenas And Jackals, To Be Sent Out of The Kingdom?

  • The weaker animals represents those praying for Buhari’s speedy recovery
  • The Hyenas and Jackals represents the Cabal and bad political figures
  • To be sent out of the kingdom means Buhari will render justice against political offenders


The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mrs Aisha Buhari has hinted about potential recuperation and improved health condition of her husband President Muhammadu Buhari, as she hinted of the Presidents imminent return to Nigeria saying prayers were answered and “Hyenas and Jackals will be sent out of the kingdom”.

Aisha Buhari took to her Facebook page Monday and posted a proverbial statements saying: “God has answered the prayers of the weaker Animals, The Hyena’s and the Jackals will soon be sent out of the kingdom,” in her post.

‘We strongly believe in the prayers and support of the weaker animals. Long live the weaker animals, Long live Nigeria,’ she concluded.

Aisha Buhari: Who Are Weaker The Animals, Hyenas And Jackals, To Be Sent Out of The Kingdom?
President Muhammadu Buhari in London

Quite punchy statement but something that rings lots of bells in the polity and a better understanding is paramount.

How then are we to understand Mrs. Buhari’s post? Who are the weaker Animals, The Hyena’s and the Jackals that will soon be sent out of the kingdom?

First take your mind back to the animated movie ‘The Lion King’ if ever you watched that movie.

The Hyenas in the lion king are the predators, the enemies that attacked and ate every other animals in the kingdom when the rightful heir to the throne (Simba) could not take his fathers position as king.

Scar, a wicked uncle had exiled Simba after killing his father Mufasa. The kingdom was devastated impoverished and there seems to be no hope for the weaker animals as they were eaten by the hyenas and jackals.

So now you get a faint picture of what the President’s wife is trying to talk about. Her husband President Muhammadu Buhari is presently in London due to his ill health.

Back home there are hyenas and jackals impoverishing the kingdom (Nigeria). While some ethnic nationalities are struggling for secession, there is the constant problem of food and famine in the country – thanks to the Hyenas and Jackals.

The average Nigerian who understands simple English has come to learn about the word “Cabal” in the Nigerian political hemisphere which often times comes into play.

The term is used to describe individuals who are very close to the president and their privilege to the detriment of the administration.

The first lady had also earlier noted that the “Cabals” are trying to hijack the government of her husband not often times, hence, the Hyenas and Jackals are the “Cabals” and/or individuals in the country today who are bent on turning the government of the day around.

The Hyenas and Jackals represent the political figures who are influencing the country clearly outside the agenda of the present administration as the First Lady hinted.

However, just as there seems to be no hope to the kingdom of the Pride Rock in the movie (Lion King), one day the prayers of the weaker animals were answered.

The heir to the throne (Simba) returned and restored the kingdom back to how his father left it before he died.

Simba’s uncle Scar died and all the Hyenas and Jackals (the Cabals in Nigeria and terrible political figures) were exiled forever.

The President’s wife meant the same thing. Mrs Buhari is sending a warning message to those bad elements in the country especially those who are rumoring and wishing her husband death rather than speedy recovery.

Mrs. Buhari is actually informing the polity of the Presidents imminent return to render justice against those who have been striving to usurp authority and clamp down on the smooth runnings of the government in Buhari’s absence.



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