Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) contains two main sections that have been a source of particular controversy since they went into effect in 2000. The “anti-circumvention” provisions (sections 1201 et seq. of the Copyright Act) bar circumvention of access controls and technical protection measures. The “safe harbor” provisions (section 512) protect service providers who meet certain conditions from monetary damages for the infringing activities of their users and other third parties on the net.

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Notwithstanding the foregoing we wish to appraise the following second-party news sources wherefrom our reporters might extract facts and write news stories based on details our reporters deemed feet. In no way, do we hold claim to the originality of International news stories for which we have published but hereby direct and give credit to international and local news agencies from which we might have possibly gotten details and as such might not include these as news sources in our main published news stories, articles; and we state that doing this is applicable to the “Ethics of Journalism” profession and will not enter into any legal controversy as to use of facts and/or images for which we have already given credits to the original news sources herein. And should any news agency feel obliged to seek reasons for use of fact even while we have not violated their terms of use it should write us for peaceful resolution of tensions unintentionally caused and we will take necessary measures to calm angered nerves. Below are the sources we might have gotten facts and reported thereof:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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